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What’s your story?
Stories are the heart and soul of the human experience. Before the dawn of the written word, those who could create pictures in the minds of their listeners became legends. Today, people in every area of life are just as compelled by stories as they ever were. Now, through technology, we can craft visual presentations that bring the message to life in ways that were never possible before. That’s where Bautista Media comes in. We’re inspired by your stories, and driven by the mission of presenting them in a memorable way, to achieve your goals.

“We’ve recently opened a new building and we really wanted to be able to showcase it. It’s really hard to find somebody who’s aligned with your thoughts and can produce something that you’re happy with. Thanks so much, Bautista Media!”

- Ronith Cogswell, Director of Advancement, Vancouver College

“For price and execution, I haven’t worked with anybody better in the city yet. The investment was totally worth it, our virtual event in 2021 was financially the third best event in our 10 year event history thanks to the help of Bautista Media.”

- Kate Lade, Director of Fundraising, Dr. Peter Centre

“The overall experience working with Bautista media was really great. It was super easy communicating with him, get our ideas across, and he was able to create a strategy for us and really tried to understand what we were looking for.”

- Kristina Gadiana, Marketing Director, Vancouver Laser & Skin Centre


"Miguel was very professional in helping us prepare for the shoot by providing us interview questions ahead of time doing a dry run with us over Zoom. I am not used to being in front of the camera and Miguel's prep work really helped calm my nerves! On the day of the recording when we arrived, Miguel already had everything set up and ready to go. The recording process went very smooth and we all had a great deal of fun!"

- Angel Chan, Co-Founder, Fuel Life Canada


"We needed Bautista Media to film a video for a charity event. They were super enthusiastic during the video shoot which helped bring out a better energy in us while we were filming. With that being said we didn't really have an idea of what we wanted…so we gave him a guideline and let him run free. It turned out 10 times better than any of us could have ever imagined!"

- Manny Randhawa, Co-Founder, Cyber Games


"People love the video. We've had great feedback. The energy, the hype behind the video was just what we were looking for for. A small investment you're gonna make is going to have a real big outcome…so the results have been awesome."

- Gary Sandhu, Co-Founder, All Elite Fitness


"With creating a virtual event, it’s really difficult to portray what it is that you want to see. One of the best parts was him interpreting that into something that I had imagined in my head. This year, we were able to raise double the amount of money we raised last year. Thank you Bautista Media for bringing our event to life!"

- Teresa Domingo, CEO, Kristian Domingo Foundation

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How we bring your stories to life


Your production begins with the end in mind to make sure the video drives specific results. We know how to craft a compelling message in video form, ensuring that the presentation meets your goals and objectives.


Your stories are crafted with quality production values that leave a lasting impression. Professional equipment can include drones, stabilizers, sliders, as well as professional audio and lighting equipment.


All the moments are stitched together with professional editing, sound and colour correction to bring your story to life. We offer a complimentary round of unlimited revisions to make sure you're happy with the end product.


You enjoy a comprehensive support system that helps you find ways to ensure the largest distribution through social media and other promotional avenues.

With you every step of the way

We work with you to craft the appropriate script, and help you organize resources. On set, you get the benefit of an experienced director and camera specialist who works with the on-camera talent to bring your video to life.

Post-production support

Once your video has been shot, we edit to create a compelling message perfectly aligned with your goals. When it’s all complete, we deliver the final cut in any file type you prefer and help you with media distribution.

Stress-free production

You enjoy a stress-free production that gets the results you’re after. We guide you through the entire process. There are no monthly locked contracts. You pay as you go, without hidden-fees. We maximize your return on investment for best results. We’ve filmed a great many successful stories and will set you up for success.

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Businesses are really good at what they do, at producing services and products that solve specific problems. But a lot of times they don’t know how to tell people what they do. They need support in communicating that message effectively. Video can capture that experience and bring it directly to their audiences. We create video stories that touch your audience in a powerful way, connecting them to your brand. The result is a lasting impression every bit as effective as if they were already in your store or office, already meeting with you and your staff.